Why Congolese won Victoria University Cultural Event

DR Congo student dance during the international cultural day recently

KAMPALA – Democratic Republic of Congo nationals over the weekend proved that they are not only good at their ‘ndombolo’ dance but also at making the best dishes and speech.

The Congolese students at Victoria University in Kampala emerged the best during the institution’s international cultural day after putting up a spectacular performence.

DR Congo students dance during the cultural event

Patrick Tingityabo one of the winners attributed to their success to team work and rich culture of DR Congo

“Congo is a rich and wonderful country, we love each other and our country is so amazing,” he said.

Rwandese students l(eft to right) Perez Denis, Tatiana Bunyenyezi, Nsns Gatwetch and Comfort Natangaza display their culture.

The event on Saturday, November 9th, 2019 was contest by several African nations’ citizens at the university as listed below.

South Sudan student acting as a queen feeds the king in a cultural performance

The following are the results overall winner of International day

  • 1st place-Congo
  • 2nd place-Zimbabwe
  • 3rd place-Somalia

Category winners

    1. Dress (1st place-Zimbabwe, 2nd place-Congo, 3rd place- Rwanda and Somalia)

      Somali studnts at the international ulturl day
    2. Food (1st place-  Somalia, 2nd place- Rwanda, Nigeria, Uganda , 3rd place;-Congo)

      Jesca Nduwamungu a student from Brundi offering public health at Victoria University display some their food and containers.
    3. Speech (1st place-Zimbabwe and Congo, 2nd place-Burundi, 3rd place-Uganda, South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria)

      A student takes photos using a mobile phone at the event
    4. Dance (1st place-Congo and South Sudan, 2nd place-Uganda and Burundi, 3rd place-Rwanda and Somalia)
      Wooden dishes and a pounding mottor in display
      Omweso on display at DR Congo students stall at the cultural performance

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