State Minister for Tourism, Godfrey Kiwanda (L) receives bow and arrow shooting leason in Bwindi on Sunday February 12, 2017. (PHOTO: STEPEHN WANDERA)

By Uganda Vanguard

MENGO – High Court has ordered the arrest of State minister for tourism Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi over nonpayment of a debt of over Shs100 million to a business tycoon.

According to Monday Times, a decree issued by the Chief Magistrate’s Court of Mengo (Civil suit No. 3454 of 2011) on 4th April, 2012 Kiwanda agreed to pay Rajnish Jain a total sum of Shs104,574,700 was not fulfilled.

“Whereas, Kiwanda was adjudged by decree of the Chief Magistrate’s Court of Mengo in Civil Suit No. 3454 of 2011 dated the 4th of April, 2012 to pay the decree holder the total sum of U. Shs104,574,700 as noted hereunder. The sum of Shs104, 574,700 has not been paid to the decree holder in satisfaction of the decree. These are to command you to arrest Kiwanda the judgment debtor…unless the judgment debtor shall pay to you the sum of Shs104,574,700 together with Shs … as the costs of executing this process, to bring the judgment debtor before this court with all convenient speed,” the warrant reads in part.

Court says Kiwanda has not settled his April 4, 2012 commitment.

“This serves to direct the responsible police officers to assist, witness and ensure that this execution is done in an orderly manner,” the arrest warrant signed by the deputy registrar of the executing division of the High Court, Deo Nzeyimana reads in part.

Efforts to reach Kiwanda were futile as he could not answer his mobile phone several times.

Kiwanda has of recent been known for promoting rolex, chapatti and egg roll as the latest tourism item.



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