Thugs break into NGO office



KULAMBIRO – One of the two suspect thugs arrested after breaking into the National Organisation for People Living with Hepatitis B (NOPLHB) offices in Kulambiro, Nakawa division, Kampala district has died. According to Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesman Patrick Onyango, the late died after sustaining injuries during the arrest.

“The two thugs were traveling on a boda boda with three monitor they had stolen from the NGO offices. The computers were in a sack including knifes and other items they used to break into the offices,” said Onyango Thursday, September 19th, 2019.

Ms Bashira Nalubega, left, Mr Kenneth Kabagambe, center, administrative officer and executive director both of NOPLHB respectively and ASP Mugalura

He further explained, “They failed to gain access to other offices and left. They tried to break into a nearby home but the woman heard them she made an alarm that attracted other neighbours, and the thugs took off.” Adding, “But the chairman of the area and his security committee who normally patrols at night, they were called and they started hunting for the thugs. They were arrested and on searching them they were got with the three monitors, pandas, knives and other breaking implements.”

Onyango said the suspect is to be charged with burglary.

Asked what could be the motive of the thugs, Mr Kenneth Kabagambe, the executive director of NOPLHB said, “I cannot even imagine. After accessing the office with CIDs (Criminal Investigation Department) officers, we found out that three CPUs and two laptops were missing. This means they were many.”



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