State House staff cautioned

State House Comptroller Lucy Nakyobe Mbonye, centre, congratulates Nathan Ouma, left, and Milly Nalwanga, right, during their reception at Uganda Catholics Management at Training Institute Rubaga 26th January 2019

By James Mututa

KAMPALA, State House Comptroller Lucy Nakyobe Mbonye has urged State House employees to be in responsible family relationships. ‘Society expects you to be of high moral standing and responsible individuals as people serving the presidency,” she said.

She was speaking during the wedding reception of one of Statehouse staff Nathan Ouma who married Milly Nalwanga at Uganda Catholics Management and Training Institute in Rubaga over the weekend. The couple had earlier exchanged their vows at Namirembe Cathedral at ceremony presided over by Bishop of West Buganda Rit. Rev. Katumba Tamale.

She explained, “Statehouse staff need understanding spouses because serving the Presidency involves a lot of time leaving much of family affairs to their spouses adding that staff at Statehouse have no holidays, no weekends and no Christmas as they work all time round.”

Nakyobe, cautioned Statehouse staff against using the statehouse assignments as excuse to evade family responsibilities saying amidst their heavy schedules, they should have time for their families to be able to raise responsible families the country will be proud of.

She also urged especially female members to always value their marriage and respect their husbands regardless of their social status.

“Roles of husbands and wives will never be substituted. Those calling for gender equality should not confuse the competition for social space with the sacred institution of marriage which she said is constructed on legal instruments and as sanctified by God.”


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