Report pins gov’t road construction

China Railway Seventh Group tracks parked at the firm' plant in Mbarara recently

By Our reporter

KAMPALA, A new study has revealed that several Ugandans are dissatisfied with the quality of roads built due to lack of transparence in the construction sector. Titled; citizens’ concerns and stakeholder perceptions on infrastructure projects in Uganda by CoST Uganda, a number of Ugandans are not satisfied with land compensation during road construction projects. The survey engaged 168 participants in Gulu, Jinja, Wakiso and Kampala.

“Nearly three quarters (73.5 percent) of the citizens expressed dissatisfaction with quality of the work and 71 percent of citizens were not satisfied with their engagement. The language and format used hinder understanding and access to massage. There is display of information but majority does not understand,” said led researcher Mr Firninus Mugumya.

Forty eight percent of the people interviewed said compensation was not fair and the locals complained of jobs given to people from far from the road project, Mr Mugumya said at a workshop at Imperial Royale Hotel Friday 1st March 2019. “There are many young people here who do not have jobs,”

He further explained, “But the contractor said they cannot keep on training workers ever where they get contracts.”

The report indicates delayed completion of projects resulting into theft of materials.

Residents near roads under construction resort to water to reduce dust, they are exposed to open holes and disruption of business.

Mr Mugumya called for increased sustain engagement with citizens on infrastructure projects.

“This will reduce anxiety on delayed projects, cope with temporary effects on business and prevent theft of road signs. Simplify communication language, show concern for the health and safety of communities and utilize local leaders for mobilization.”

Asked why he arrow base for research, Mr Mugumya said they interviewed few knowledgeable people.






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