PwDs new demands to government

Ssekandi, centre left, with Mr Mayanja, left, with disabilities on during the 6th annual Disability Children Awareness day at Lugogo 5th July 2018. (PPU: PHOTO)

By Uganda Vanguard

KIRA – Government has been told to reserve contracts and jobs for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) as an affirmative action to mitigate discrimination they face on the labour market. In a survey conducted between February and May, 2019, PwDs also want incentives.

Uganda National House Survey 2016/17 put unemployment at 9.2 percent but there is no clear data for PwDs unemployment.

“Our findings indicate advocacy efforts for job quotas and tax incentives are key for your economic empowerment. There is need for career guidance and national census should include persons with disabilities information,” said Namdanan Kannan Pulakkal, the director, Future Options Consulting Ltd.

However you need to be active participating in government trainings like Skilling Uganda Program sponsored by the World Bank, Mr Pulakkal presented finds of the survey report to PwD leaders at Esella Country Hotel Friday, 30th May 30, 2019.

Mr Mpindi Bumal, the chairperson, National Association of Persons with Disabilities (NUDIPU) suggested for more portion of the national cake.

“Like it is in Kenya, let us force government to apportion a certain percentage of contracts to companies owned by PwDs, this will enable us employ more PwDs,” he said.

The report further recommends for need for baseline survey on people with disability.

“This will help to identify PwDs qualification, experience and skill sets. Experience increases once ability to do the job. You need to have a dynamic data base where you upload your CVs,” he said.

The report also recommends for data protection and safe guarding polices for PwDs who still face employment discrimination.

“Despite government policies aimed at combating disabilities discrimination in the workplace, there is still no equal opportunities for PwDs. There is limited finance, no specialized trainers on waged employment and no safe guarding policy or data protection policy,” Mr Pulakkal noted.

Cheshire Services Uganda convened the meeting for survey dissemination on the theme; mentor persons with disabilities for waged employment in Kampala.

Mr Joseph Balimwaya, one of the PwD leaders applauded the report. “There are employers who are not aware that employing people with disabilities, they are entitled to 2 percent tax incentives.”

According to Income tax of 2009 an employer who hires 5 percent of the total employees, the firm gets a tax incentive of 2 percent.

Mr Bumal, called on government to increase the incentive from 2 percent to 5 percent.



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