Public warned of more floods

Pupils and other pedestrians ponder their next move after a road linking Bududa to Mbale was cut off by floods in Bududa recently. Photo/ Stephen Wandera


KAMPALA – Government has cautioned the public of more floods due to much rain expected in most of parts of the country during the September to October wet season.

“Overall, there is an increase of average rainfall with a tendency to above normal over the northern, parts of eastern region Lake Victoria. Also there is expected above normal rains falling in Bugisu sub region causing floods and landslides. The situation will persist up to end of October,” reads a public notice by Office of the Prime Minister Wednesday September 19th, 2019.

“Persons living in risky steep slope and close to river banks are strongly urged to relocate and stay in homes of friends and relatives in safer locations upto end of October. Floods are expected in Kampala, Teso, Kigezi, some areas of Acholi and Bukedi. “Do not drive, ride or walk across flooded roads or bridges with running waters one foot or 30 centimeters high. Wait it takes 15 to 20 minutes to clear,” reads the Uganda National Integrated Early Warning System monthly bulletin.

The public is advised to call a toll free number 0800-203-033 in case of an emergency.

In the recent rains, moderate floods were reported in Bulambuli districts with no death. In August, heavy rain caused a river to overflow triggering a deadly landslide in Bulambuli district. OPM assessment team observed that landslides mostly affected Bulaago leading to death of one person and flooding due to overflow of River Kajere had affected several areas including Nabiwutulu, Gimadu, Bugatiisa and Buluganya. Five people initially reported missing, four were confirmed alive with minor injuries and one male was confirmed dead.


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