By Uganda Vanguard

NAKASONGOLA – President Yoweri Museveni has told Parliament to amend the Land Act to enable squatters who cannot locate their land lords pay rent at sub county authorities. According to act, tenants are supposed to pay annual rent of Shs1000.

“I want MPs (Members of Parliament) to change the law so that bibanja holders (land tenants) who cannot reach land lords deposit the money at the sub county. Should they not collect the money for some time, it becomes government money,” he said.

No one will chase you (bibanja holders), President Museveni told residents of Kinoni Village, Kakoge Sub County, Nakasongola district while commissioning Nile Fiberboard factory Wednesday April 10, 2019.

He further explained, “We wakened land lords when the Constitution was made in 1995 by introducing an annual rent of 1000. Some say the fee is too little but land tenancy should not be commercialized. It is like a soldier saluting me. It is a sign of recognition. If I was earning from saluting, I would be a very rich.”

The President’s assurance followed complaint from Kinoni Local Council 1, chairman, Mr Herbert Natukwasa complaints of absentee land lords that have led to land wrangles in the area.

Nile Fiberboard chairman Mr Sarbjit Singh Rai, left, with fellow directors and managers show President Yoweri Museveni, centre, finished plywood products during the opening of the factory in Kakoge, Nakasongola district April 10, 2019.

He also promised to given the locals earth moving equipment to dig dams.

President Museveni hailed Nile Fiberboard chairman Mr Sarbjit Singh for creating 1300 jobs to the locals and saving Uganda foreign exchange.

“We have been importing furniture from China, but with this strong finish plywood it going to save us a lot,” he added.

The President also advised the locals to grow fruits like pineapples, oranges and mangoes due to the favorable climate in the area.

Sarbjit, said his factory needs 24,000 hectares of trees and called on Ugandans to take up the challenge of tree growing.



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