Legislators divided curvy women beauty contest

State Minister Godfrey Kiwanda, centre in white shirt, with organisers of Mis Curvy Women Bueaty Contest in Kampala recently.

By Cohen Mwesigwa

PARLIAMENT, Legislators put State Minister for Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda in a tight corner to explain his role in Miss Curvy Beauty Contest that has criticized by women activists and State Minister for Ethics Rev. Simon Lokodo who described it as scandalous and immoral.

“As a Christian my body is a holy temple for God. It is wrong for the minister to invite foreigners to come and see our bodies. The Minister must apologize,” said Hon. Cecilia Ogwal, Dokolo woman Member of Parliament (MP).

In a heated debate presided over by Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah , unlike the male legislators who supported Kiwanda, most women MPs attacked the Minister saying he is humanizing women. They challenged their male counterparts to parade their wives if they are curvy to prove their support for the contest.

In support Kiwanda, Kasilo County MP Elaijah Okupa said the contest is to appreciate local culture.

“In African culture, a woman size and how she walks causing tremor in a compound makes the husband proud. He has improved tourism since he joined tourism ministry under meager resources. Let us support him and move on,” he said.

Quoting the bible Peter Sematimba, Busiro North MP said God created human beings in his own beautiful image we have to expose.

“Let us support Mr Kiwanda to magnify Uganda beauty,” he said.

Mr Gilbert Olanya, the Kilak South Member of Parliament however wondered the yard stick for the curvy women since now days there are some curvy woman are artificially generated.

In response, Kiwanda denied organizing the contest aimed attracting foreign tourists.

“I am not the organizer neither is the Ministry of Tourism. It is organized by Ugandans ladies. I was invited at the launch. Thanks for guidance and I will take it to the organizers who I think are watching these deliberations,” he said.

The season was screened on Uganda Broadcasting Corporation.



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