Police boss speaks out on General Kale Kayihura’s arrest

kale kayihura
Inspector General of Police General Edward Kalekezi Kayihura appears before the land probe July 25, 2017.

KAMPALA. Uganda Police Force, political commissioner, Mr Asan Kasingye has broken the force’ top management silence on the arrest of the former Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura and several of former allies. The group was arrested last week by Internal Security Organization expected to be produced in the Court Martial soon but the likely charges have not yet been made public. However there have been speculations of the suspects to be charged with kidnap, murder and abuse of office.

“I do not speak for police and I do not know why they were arrested. This is a sign of the rule of law in Uganda,” he told Central Broadcasting Service Monday June 18, 2018.

Asked the impact of the arrest tainting the image of police, Mr Kasingye said, “If there some individuals who could have done wrong in force, they did it on their own not on behalf of the police force. If a head of state does wrong, it does not mean the whole population is guilty. As police, we are on track going on with our constitutional role of keeping law and order as well as protection the public with their properties.”

Gen. Kyehura is being detained in Mbuya Military Barracks. There has been a reported ‘fight’ between Caleb Alak & Co. Advocates and Kampala Associated Advocates to represent the General against the expected criminal proceedings.


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