How Dr Martin Aliker survived being killed with Muammar Gadaffi

Dr Martin Aliker new book

By Cohen Mwesigwa

KAMPALA, Uganda former Foreign Affairs State, Dr Martin Aliker has written a book profiling his education, business and political carrier for over the last nine decades sighting some deadly presidential assignments. The newly released book titled, ‘The bell is ringing’ starts with his childhood born in Acholi in 1928, through King’s School Buddo, Makerere University, Northwestern University, United States as well as Birmingham University, United Kingdom. It also reveals how Dr Aliker, declined several request from top army officials and politicians to be President of Uganda during the Moshi Conference in Arusha, Tanzania after former Uganda President Idi Amin had been over thrown by a joint force backed by Tanzania Army commonly known as ‘bacombozi’ (savers).

The book also divulges one of the untold stories how President Yoweri Museveni gave him secrete foreign assignments to reach former Libya President, the late Muammar Gaddafi to help him when his country had been attacked by North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 2011.

“President Yoweri Museveni summoned me to State House, Entebbe …and told me about the mission. I said, Mr President, you have seen me on several missions in which I was successful. But I am afraid there is little chance of success in this one because US (United States) public opinion is so anti-Gaddafi – I have no chance.” he said. Adding, “He (the President) said I know, but just go and add your voice and we see what happens.”

With the help of then Mr Abdullah Bujeldin, Libya’s ambassador to Uganda, a trusted emissary of Gadaffi organized connecting flights via Tunisia up to Libya boarder and later travelled by road at 160 kilometers per hour for 200 kilometers.

“I later arrived in Lybia but on that very night, a bomb exploded near the hotel I was staying. I was scared for my life knowing I was finished. But later a saw some foreign journalists in the same hotel and became a bite confortable because they aggressors could not kill their own people,” he said, Adding, “After days of waiting, Gadaffi did not meet me but just sent a written message to President Museveni to engage African Union to denounce NATO attacks. Gadaffi said he was being tracked by NATO and that is why he did not come out of his hideout. I was later escorted to the boarder of Lydia and Tunisa and came back home,”

Gadaffi was accused of supporting terrorists but he insisted the foreigners wanted the countries oil.

The Uganda Vanguard will continue Dr Aliker’s book, look out for the next story.







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