Gov’t warns saboteurs over Local Council elections

President Museveni highlights importance of LC leadership

Ms Betti Kamya, Minister for Kampala between the Uganda and East African Community flags adress journalists at the Uganda Media Centre Monday July 9, 2018.

By Cohen Mwesigwa

KAMPALA. Government has cautioned people who have planned to disrupt the forth coming local council elections that security agencies are on high alert the and long of the law will catch up with them. According to Ms Betti Kamya, Minister for Kampala, there are intelligence reports of some wrong elements that have also planned to rig votes for particular candidates.

“We know some of these elements have connived with returning officers to rig votes for particular candidates in what they describe ‘deals’. There are no deals, I pray for the holy spirit decent on them to abandon their ill motives,” she said.

I am here to urge people to turn up in big numbers to vote, this votie is once in five years, wakeup early go and exercise your constitutional right, Ms Kamya told journalists at the Uganda Media Centre, Monday July 9, 2018.

She further explained, “All is set for the elections, the Katikiro of Buganda (Mr Charles Mayiga) has also come out and told people to go and vote. This is not an ordinary election where you have to vote at your own time. This is by lining up and by 11:00am it would be done.”

Police Spokesperson Emilian Kayima confirmed that some people in Kampala have planned to use force to disorganised elections.

“We shall arrest you and If you are a candidate, you will be disqualified,” he told journalists.

In televised message, President Yoweri Museveni also called on all Ugandans to actively participate in the LC elections scheduled for Tuesday 10th July.

While speaking to the nation in a recorded statement, the President reiterated the need for Ugandans to vote for people who will work for their interests and not necessarily those seeking to buy their vote.


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