Fight poverty President Museveni tells Muslims


ENTEBBE. President Yoweri Museveni has congratulated the Muslims upon completing the holly months Ramadhan, describing it as a month of abundant blessings.

“I appreciate the efforts of the Muslim fraternity towards working together for peace building and prosperity of our people in Uganda. I congratulate the Muslim Community in Uganda and elsewhere in the world upon the successful completion of the sacred Month of Ramadhan; a month of abundant blessings and forgiveness by the benevolent Allah,” he said.

In a press statement issued June 15, 2018, the President said, “Our country is beautiful and is endowed with enormous natural resources that we can exploit for the greatness of our people. We are very much obliged to Almighty Allah who gives us the chance of prayer in the holiest month of Ramadhan.”

He added, “We should ask him for knowledge and wisdom to help our people fight poverty at the household and improve their living conditions. I wish you all a Happy, peaceful Eid-el-Fitir.”

Elsewhere, Muslime leaders prayed for peace and coexistence.

Sheikh Hassan Hussein, chairman Somali Community in Uganda, urged his members to take holly month as a period of renewing their commitment to God and love each other.

“It is a time of renewing our commitment to Islam, preach peace and observe Uganda laws. Do not be sweet talked to join terrorist groups,” he said.


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