Executions & Bailiffs Division announces reforms

Division head, Justice Duncan Gaswaga

By Our reporter

KAMPALA – The High Court’s Executions and Bailiffs Division (EBD) has announced massive reforms that will see a turnaround in service delivery and the public perception of the Court.

The reforms, which will range from human resource changes to changing court records from paper form to digital, were announced on Tuesday, January 22, by the Division head, Justice Duncan Gaswaga.

“Our court users should expect big positive changes in the Executions and Bailiffs Division (EBD) within the next three months,” said Justice Gaswaga.

“Ever since I took over as head of this Division, I have been receiving complaints of abuse of court process by court clerks, bailiffs, court process servers and other court users.”

Adds Judge Gaswaga: “Hiding files, plucking out some papers and swearing of false affidavits and increasing cases of impersonation by members of the public – we have now identified the problems and we have solutions. Interactions with our stakeholders are already ongoing within the Division. Within three months, the Division will have transformed for the better.”

The announcement comes on the heels of related concerns raised by the Principal Judge, Dr. Yorokamu Bamwine, who is the administrative head of the High Court. While presiding over a Registrars’ meeting in Kampala on January 17, 2019, Dr. Bamwine referred to a complaint from a concerned member of the public who said EBD was “increasingly turning into a Kangaroo/jungle court”.

Judge Gaswaga, who took over EBD late 2018, said there is already a process to closely examine individual files, which will lead into a major weed out exercise.

“We have over 7,000 files pending at the Division, but after this weed out exercise, we expect these numbers to drastically drop. Some people have a tendency of filing bogus applications in order to frustrate the successful litigants,” he said.

EBD recently got some funding from LASPNET and the International Justice Mission for enhancing reorganization of the Registry and digitization of the court records and processes.

“EBD is a very busy and important Court at the tail end of the litigation process, which enables court users to get the fruits of their litigation. We’ll do everything in our means to improve service delivery in the Division,” said Judge Gaswaga.



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