EC releases Kikuube, Kaabong election programme

EC chairperson Justice Byabakama Mugenyi Simon,


KAMPALA – The Electoral Commission (EC) has approved the programme for the election of District Woman Representatives to Parliament for Kikuube and Karenga districts and elections in lower local government councils.

In a press statement on Tuesday August 6th, 2019 by EC chairperson Justice Byabakama Mugenyi Simon, the two area Members Parliament opted for the new districts of Kikuube and Karenga curved from Hoima and Kaabong districts respectively. He however clarified that their seat are not vacant sighting the law.

“This is in accordance with Section 8(5) (a),(b) and (c) of the Parliamentary Elections Act, 2005 (as amended), which provides as follows: ‘‘…where  a  new  district  is  created,  the  following  provisions  shall  apply  to  the elections of the District Woman Representative to Parliament: The  District  Woman  Representative  of  the  original  District  affected  shall continue to represent the district of her choice; Elections shall be held to elect a District Woman Representative for the district not represented,” he said

Justice Byabakama said EC has banned of fundraising activities in two constituencies during  electoral  programme.

“The  purpose  of  this  ban  is  to  allow  a  leveled-ground  for candidates in the race. For  avoidance of  doubt, this  ban  takes  effect  from Friday 16thAugust 2019,which  is the cut-off date for registration of voters and transfer of voting location in Hoima and Kaabong districts, and will continue until polling day. Those found to be contravening the law shall be dealt with accordingly,” he said.

Justice Byabakama furtherexplained, “The  EC will  hold  a  consultative  meeting  with  all  elected  Village (LC1)  Chairpersons  in  Hoima  District  on Tuesday  13thAugust  2019. Details of  the venue will be communicated in due course. The  purpose  of  the  meeting  will  be  to specifically  inform them  of  their critical role during the update and display exercise to ensure a clean National Voters’ Register.” Adding, “ The  EC  will  further  hold  a  consultative  meeting  with  Hoima District    leadership,    representatives    of    political    parties    and    organizations, representatives  of  civil  society  organizations,  security  officials,  religious  leaders, opinion leaders, sub county supervisors and members of the press on Wednesday 14thAugust 2019.”

In Kaabong District, Justice Byabakama said the EC is hold  a  consultative  meeting  with  all  elected  Village (LC1) Chairpersons as well as leadership, representatives    of    political    parties    and    organisations, representatives  of  civil  society  organizations,  security  officls,  religious  leaders, opinion  leaders,  sub  county  supervisors  and  members  of  the  press  on Thursday 22ndAugust 2019 and on Friday  23rdAugust 2019 respectively.

He said update of the National Voters’ Register is set from 12th-16thAugust 2019 in both districts starting at 8:00 am and end at 6:00pm.

“This exercise will enable Ugandan citizens of 18 years and above, who either reside or originate in parish within Hoima and Kaabong districts, and who have not had their photographs and bio-data taken before by the Electoral Commission for purposes of registration for elections, to do so. All registered voters who wish to transfer to new voting locations shall be able to do so during this update exercise,” Justice Byabakama noted.

“Display  of  Voters’  Registers  and  Issuance  of  Voting  Location  Slips:  28thAugust –6thSeptember 2019 The  Electoral  Commission  has  appointed 28th August  to  6thSeptember 2019,  as  the period for display of the National Voters’ Register in Hoima and Kaabong districts. During  the  display,  voters  are  urged  to  turn  up  in  large  numbers  and  check  for  the correctness  of  their  particulars,  and  confirm  that  photographs  appear  against  correct particulars .Voters  are  further  urged  to  report  to  the  display  officer:  the  dead,  the  non-citizens,  the  under-aged,  and  those  who  belong  to  another  Parish,  so  that they are removed from the Register,” he further explained.

Campaign  meetings  for  candidates  for  District Woman  Representative  to  Parliament and  other  local  government  positions  shall  be held  for  a  period  of  twenty  five, from 30thAugust to 24thSeptember 2019, Justice Byabakama noted.

Adding, “The campaign meetings or public rallies shall be conducted only within the stipulated time, that is, from 7:00am until 6:00pm on each of the campaign days. All candidates are urged to observe law and order during this exercise and to conduct their campaign meetings   in   accordance   with   the   harmonized   programme.   Hate language will not be tolerated at all. Polling for elections of District Woman Representative to Parliament and other Lower Local Government Councils shall take  place  on Thursday,26thSeptember,2019 at all polling stations in Hoima and Kaabong districts, and (polling) shall start at 7:00am and close at 4:00pm.”

He invited people or organizations interested to observe the election to write to the commission not later than 13thSeptember 2019.

Justice Byabakama urges all stakeholders in Hoima and Kaabong districts to turn up in large numbers  and  participate  in  the  electoral.


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