American accused of terrorism battle for his wealth stolen by Ugandan wife

Ms Lillian Kaitese poses with his Tundra worth $40,000

By Our Reporter
The woes for former Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura seems far from over. The American citizen, Mathias Paul Roger who was arrested earlier this year and charged with four counts is set to file a case against Kale Kayihura now incarnated in Makindye military detention.
Mathias Paul Roger, was charged before the Entebbe chief magistrate, Mary Kaitesi Lukwago with three cases related to illegal possession of ammunition without a certificate contrary to section 3(1) and (2)(a) of the fire arms Act Cap 299. he was also charged with being possession of a pistol colt number PL42191 without a valid certificate. Paul Roger who is out on bail now is being represented by Ladislus Rwakafuzi.
The fourth case of domestic violence has been dismissed after his estranged wife failed to appear in court when summoned.
Roger was arrested on February 10 following a tip-off from Lillian Kaitesi, his estranged wife, prompting the Police to uncover a number of US army uniforms, guns, ammunition, knives and pepper spray. He was later taken to Nalufenya police detention for interrogation.  Though investigations showed that Paul didn’t have a certificate for the weapons, it has emerged that he infact declared the equipment’s in his possession and was cleared to enter the country with them.
Addressing the press in Kampala at the weekend, Paul says he has instructed his lawyers to file a case against Kale Kayihura and his ‘henchmen’. He has similarly filed a case of theft and malicious damage against his estranged wife, Lillian Kaitesi.
He explained that Lillian begun to behave ‘funny’ right when they were still in the United States.

Paul Mathias with some of the spears he found in his house.

“Right when we landed in New York, she begun behaving funny. She demanded to eat very expensive foods that were imported from Uganda. She spent $350 in just one week eating jackfruits and gauvas,: said Paul.
He said that after a short while, disagreements and fights begun that culminated even when they returned to Uganda.
Paul told the press that he bought a bungalow at USD150,000 for the couple, but this nice posh house now lies in ruins after Lillian removed the roof letting in rain to soak the entire house. Paul Mathias who seemed very frustrated man said all he wants now is to recover his assets, estimated at shs300 million.
“I worked so hard for 40 years to earn all what I used to develop here in Uganda, then a lady comes and takes it all,” he said.
The case registered in Kajjansi under SD 37/07/07/18 under theft and malicious damage, seeks to recover his Toyota Tundra UBA 449T valued at USD40,000, a Toyota Nadia, a generator and all household assets.
When Paul returned from jail, he found his house in a real mess. Apparently, Lillian took advantage of the two months’ absence of Paul to ravage the entire house. She plucked off the entire clay tiles and sold them off.

Paul with his wife and child enjoy old good times in water

According to police investigating the case, Paul has so far also been supplied with two counter terrorism guards, who keep close watch over him both day and night while at home and outside home, after intelligence reports indicated that Lillian had hired goons to bump him off.
We established that the Entebbe Chief Magistrates Court had also issued a court order granting Paul access to his two and half year- old daughter every Friday evening to Monday morning, though Lillian has continued to defy the orders. The house in Bwebajja, currently is in a pathetic state. A visit to the premises, only shows left overs of fetishes believed to have left behind by Lillian. In the living room are scores of spears, smoking pipes, bark cloth, dog tails, cow horns, cowries shells, and other assortment of witchcraft materials.




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