American tourist infected with maggots in Kibale National Park

Chimps in Kibale Forest National Park

By Our reporter

NEW YORK. A painful lump on the forehead may, for most of us, be a sign we’ve banged our head on the kitchen cupboard.

But for one woman who recently returned from a holiday in Uganda, a red swelling on her hairline turned out to be a pair of maggots living under her skin.

According to Mailonline, the 55-year-old went to hospital with swelling on her head, which doctors thought was an infected insect bite, so they sent her home with antibiotics.

But three days later she returned with ‘shooting pains’ in her face. The swelling had also spread down to her eyes.

Medics conducted tests and found a maggot burrowed inside her forehead. Further scans then revealed another was still there.

The unnamed woman, who went to hospital in York because of pain and swelling spreading across her forehead, was found to have two maggots buried into the skin on her face

They removed both maggots and the woman made a full recovery from her ‘rare’ ordeal, which begun after she wrapped a towel with fly eggs on it round her head.

The patient went to hospital while suffering concerning symptoms after a trek through a rainforest in Kibale National Park, Uganda.

The swelling continued to get worse after her first visit to a hospital in York, and she was kept as an inpatient for four days when she returned.

The woman, whose name is not known, had the first insect removed after it was smothered with petroleum jelly.



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