500 Youth Dismissed From Museveni’ Project Over Smoking Marijuana



MAKINDYE – Over 500 youth registered in the President Yoweri Museveni youth skilling project have been expelled for being drug addicts. The President launched several youth projects in Kampala and Wakiso, which he said are meant to help youth fight unemployment. The projects include financing Saccos, carpentry workshops, wielding and joinery.

According to Ms Sahada Nasanga, a State House official in charge of training in Makindye Division, the dismissed youth were unfit to continue with the training.

“At the beginning of March 2019, we registered 1068 students but as of now we only have 446 youth who are about to finish their training,” she told Dembe FM Wednesday, August 14th, 2019.

Nansanga further explained, “Very soon, we shall be giving them certificates during a graduation ceremony.”

In Africa, Nigeria, the most populous nation on the continent, is leading the pack of marijuana consumers with 20.8 million people, followed by Ethiopia (7.1 million), Egypt (5.9 million) and Democratic Republic of Cong with 5 million.
In East Africa alone, nearly 10 million people illegally use cannabis for various reasons.

Tanzania, which sits in 5th position among the top 20 marijuana consuming African countries, leads East African region with 3.6 million consumers, followed by Kenya in the 6th position with 3.3 million and then Uganda in the 8th position, with 2.6 million users. Burundi and South Sudan are not mentioned in the new report.
Sudan is 7th with 2.7 million cannabis users, followed by Madagascar (2.1 million), Ghana (2 million), Mozambique (1.9 million) and Angola (1.8 million).

Speaking at the launch of the projects spearheaded by State House comptroller Lucy Nakyobe on Friday, Mr Museveni urged the youth to take advantage of the financial assistance and liberate themselves.

“I urge the youth to acquire skills that will create jobs and stop Ugandans from importing things that can easily be made in the country. Also, support leaders who will ensure your problems are attended to, not those pre-occupied with opposing government programmes,” President Museveni said.

Some of the commissioned facilities are Katabi Artisan SACCO, Namasuba Furniture Makers Sacco, Najja 1 Furniture and Metal Work Association, Kabuusu Wielders & Traders Sacco, Kibuye Drivers’ and Conductors’ SACCO, Lubiri Lorry Drivers’ and Co-Drivers’ SACCO, Busega United Timber and Sellers SACCO and Busega Welders’ SACCO.

Uganda is home to 2.6 million marijuana users, and in the pecking order of the notable weed consumers, the country sits among the top 10 on the continent, a new report has revealed.
New Frontier Data, a UK-based authority in data analytics and business intelligence on the global cannabis industry, recently released its latest industry study – The Africa Regional Hemp & Cannabis Report: 2019 Industry Outlook showing that 83 million people in Africa consume marijuana.



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