Uganda sends first beef export to Egypt

A sample of the beef export from Uganda to Egypt July 31st, 2018.

Our Reporter

KAMPALA. Egypt-Uganda Food Security Company (EUFS) on Wednesday said it has made the first 50-ton shipment of Ugandan beef to Egypt, after two years in development.

Sherif el-Kallini Chief Executive Officer said “The Ugandan meat higher quality than the Brazilian meat that Egypt has been relying on”.

The shipment is the culmination of three memoranda of understanding that President Museveni signed with his Egyptian counterpart President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi during a visit to Cairo last May.

Egypt Uganda Food Security Co

President Museveni inaugurated the Egypt-Uganda Food Security Company meat processing facility in Luwero in 2016, as Africa’s largest slaughterhouse.

Museveni pointed out that Uganda produces the finest beef, originating from organically fed livestock.

However the export comes at the time when several suppliers claim the firm has cheated them by not paying for supplies to the company. Management has been tight lipped on the issue.


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