Museveni dish out Shs27 billion


By Uganda Vanguard reporter

KAMPALA, Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has donated more than Shs27 billion in eight weeks especialy to groups in Kampala, a strong hold of the opposition reports Daily Monitor. However the New Vision also reports of the same amout of money to have varnished from Ministry of Finance.

On friday alone, President Museveni now nicknamed ‘Bosco’ (actor a popular MTN advertisement) gave out over half a billion shillings to the business community in Kampala. He gave Old Taxi Park Taxi Operator’s Association, Shs500 million, Nakasero market main SACCO Shs100 million and also promised to give each small SACCO in the area Shs10 million Shillings.

President Museveni who was on a Kampala district tour, addressed mini rallies down town

He told traders that they had abandoned him by voting the opposition politicians.

He further promises to help the traders reclaim their market land, which had earlier been sold by Kampala City Council officials.

He Nakasero Market, Old Taxi Park, Arcade Owners, Persons with Disability Market, Kireka market and Owino market.



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