EAC boss admits giving bribes

East African Community, deputy secretary general Ms Jessca Eriyo

By Stephen Wandera wanderaouma@gmail.com

KAMPALA. East African Community, deputy secretary general Ms Jessca Eriyo has admitted giving bribes to government officials to get advertisement for her radio station. She is a proprietor of a station called Radio Amani in Ajumani, meaning our radio. It covers the area up to Kitgum, South Sudan, parts of DR Congo and the West Nile region.

“There is a big problem of kickbacks that is killing our industry. For one to get advertisement from district officials, you to have to give kickbacks. It is so rampant,” she said at the annual broadcaster’s conference Wednesday 7th 2018.

Asked by Mr Patrick Kamara, the moderator if she has ever given a bribe, Ms Eriyo admitted, “yes I have”, a confession that shocked the participants.

Mr Kalisa Kim, the chairman National Association of Broadcasters also confirmed the kickback practice.

“If do not give forty to fifty percent, you cannot get advertisement from advertisement agencies,” he said.

Who is Jesca Eriyo

She is a Ugandan educator, social worker, politician and diplomat. At the EAC, Ms Eriyo is responsible for productive & social sectors. She was appointed to that position on 30 April 2012 served a three-year term, renewable once. She replaced Beatrice Kiraso, another Ugandan, who served in that position between April 2006 and April 2012.

She was born in Adjumani District on 26 August 1969. Ms Eriyo holds the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Social Science and the Diploma in Education. She also holds two certificates; a Certificate in Project Planning and Management and a Certificate in Computer Science. Her degree of Master of Arts degree in Development studies, was awarded by Makerere University.

In 1994, she worked as a high school teacher at Kololo Senior Secondary School in Kololo, an affuluent suburb of Kampala, the capital of Uganda and the largest city in that country. Between 1998 and 1999, she was a teacher at Our Lady Consolata Senior Secondary School. Ms Eriyo also served as the District Population Officer in Adjumani District, from 1999 until 2001. She entered politics in 2001, contesting for the parliamentary seat of Adjumani District Women’s Representative. She won and was again re-elected in 2006 on the National Resistance Movement political party ticket. In 2006 she was appointed State Minister for the Environment, serving in that capacity until she was dropped from the cabinet in a cabinet reshuffle on 27 May 2011. Also, on 18 February 2011, she lost her parliamentary seat to Jesca Ababiku, an Independent. In April 2012, Ms Eriyo was appointed EAC deputy secretary.



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